Karma to Burn signs record deal


Among my other bizarre proclivities, I have a thing for stoner metal – Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, early Queens of the Stone Age, etc. Karma to Burn is another band that fits into that genre that I really enjoy, both with and without a vocalist.

Officially they disbanded in 2002 but this year they’ve been playing some shows and it was just announced that they have signed to Napalm Records, which is oddly the home of many folk and symphonic metal bands like Korpiklaani, Kampfar and Leaves’ Eyes.

A statement from Richard Mullins:

“Not only are we thrilled with this new partnership with NAPALM Records, we are also excited to work on this new KARMA TO BURN album for the creative opportunity artistically. We had unfinished business when our gorilla sized heroin habits took over, overturning our cars and our lives, there came an accounting in which we fell before the Grim Reaper as wheat in winter, as lambs under the knife, so it allows us to continue the musical journey we started early in our careers.”

Um… sure! Regardless, I’m glad to see they will be making more music. Here’s a video clip of Eight, from 1999:

YouTube – KARMA TO BURN – Eight (Official Video)

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