Rob Halford’s Christmas album? Sure, why not

Halford III - Winter Songs

I love Christmas. But not in a “birth of Christ” type way… we should probably call our celebration something different, not being Chrstians in any way, shape or form. We forget Jeebus, but get family and friends together to feast up in the traditional way, give each other awesome presents and enjoy the gorgeous Australian summer weather.

Anyway, we always have a big Polish/German Christmas Eve dinner, and the past few years we’ve been hosting it at our house for all the family, and of course Christmas dinner would not be Christmas dinner without Christmas music.

The past couple of years we’ve been hammering Twisted Sister’s Twisted Christmas, which is awesome. Those who don’t like it need to lighten up because metal has never been serious and this album is truly, truly hilarious. Billy Idol has a Christmas album that’s not bad either. Found a compilation last year called We Wish You a Metal Xmas and a Headbanging New Year but it was, unfortunately, shit – despite having a lineup that included Lemmy, Alice Cooper and Ronnie James Dio. Actually, their tracks (the opening three) weren’t that bad… but the rest of the album is a big loser, as far as metal Christmas albums go.

So now, Rob Halford, the Metal God and legendary Judas Priest singer, has announced a “holiday album” called Halford III – Winter Songs. Ignoring the fact that our Christmas is typically in 40 degree heat, I’m looking forward to this very, very much. Apparently it includes some of his own songs as well as “traditional holiday favourites”. Could a Rob Halford tune be a new Christmas classic? We can only hope they’re that good.

If you’re as hopeful as I am, you might like to pre-order it from where else, but the Metal God Shop. Apparently it’s shipping on October 26th.

~ by goat_admin on September 13, 2009.

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  1. And now I want this…a Christmas album worth having. And Lemme and Dio? I am sorry but what celebration can warrant this? Oh yeah…the whole Christ thing.

    This is seriously awesome. Kind of reminds me of Probot.

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