Megadeth and Slayer in Perth


Seeing Megadeth AND Slayer in one night was an epic experience that was hard to put into words. All my attempts tonight have ended up sounding kind of like “abmmurrrghdduuughhhhfff”.

A couple of weeks ago however,with the gig fresh in my mind, I managed to put down a few words for Metal As Fuck.

Slayer and Megadeth, Challenge Stadium (Perth), 12/10/2009 – Metal As Fuck

A live performance review is supposed to be a carefully written critical account of an event, stemming from the reviewer’s observations and notes on the band’s performance, song selection and delivery, the audio quality, lighting and other venue-influenced factors, and the crowd response.

Fuck me. This is just not that kind of review.

I read a couple of other reviews of the night as well. The dude reviewing for FasterLouder clearly didn’t like Megadeth at all, and laid on the Slayer worship a bit thick. While you don’t have to like every band, some of the comments in this review were rather inaccurate. I don’t think there’s another reviewer on the planet who would refer to any Megadeth song as “pop-thrash”, for example. I’m serious, check it out:

Slayer and Megadeth @ Challenge Stadium 13/10/09 – FasterLouder

Metal Obsession also covered the show and thankfully, their review reads more like the show I was at:

Slayer and Megadeth w/Double Dragon – Metal Obsession

We went home exhausted, sweaty and really happy, but if there was one part of the night that was negative it was the moronic behaviour of the hardcore Slayer fans during their set. Fucking idiots charging around with fists swinging shoving over anyone who accidentally got in their way – that’s the kind of thing I’d expect at a metalcore gig. And I was (deliberately) well back for that part of the show.

I guess it’s a case of love the band, think the fans are total fuckwits.

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