Australian Fear Factory fans ripped off once again

Fear Factory

Guys, seriously… why are you doing this to us?

After cancelling headlining shows in Australia originally scheduled for August 2009, the new Fear Factory line up (Burton C Bell, Dino Cazares, Byron Stroud and Gene Hoglan) have announced that they’re playing the Big Day Out festivals across Australia and New Zealand in early 2010.

I am not paying through the nose (and believe me, everything to do with the Big Day Out is expensive) to go to a shitty hipster music festival when the only two heavy bands on the bill are Fear Factory and Mastodon. Hell, I’m not even a Mastodon fan.

Fear Factory have also announced sideshows – in Sydney and Melbourne. But not Perth, of course, even though the festival tickets are already sold out everywhere except Auckland.

The last time they played the BDO was 2004, and that was the year when I boycotted because Metallica was headlining. I have enough emotional issues with Metallica to keep a therapist amused for months, so I’m not going to go into any of that now. But that was really the beginning of the end of the BDO for Dave and I – the amount of heavy bands has dramatically decreased every year to the point where it’s just not worth going anymore. And we used to really look forward to it. At least now we have Soundwave.

So cmon Fear Factory, how about a headline tour that your actual fans will get to see, instead of just a bunch of annoying indy kids that don’t give a shit about you anyway?

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