How come no one told me they’re making a movie about The Runaways?

The Runaways

When I was about 11 or 12, I found a compilation tape amongst the family stereo equipment called New Wave, from 1977 (the esteemed year of my birth). I don’t know who owned it originally or how it came into our household’s possession, but I took a listen and got my first dose of punk: Ramones, The Dead Boys, New York Dolls, The Runaways, The Damned, Talking Heads, and a whole ton more. There was also Patti Smith’s awesome Piss Factory which was a bit of a head trip for me at the time. [After writing this post I found it on ebay UK, on vinyl, so of course now it’s on its way home to me. This infernal web of distractions will one day be my undoing.]

Looking back, most of the bands on the New Wave compilation are not what is now generally accepted as "new wave" but anyway, it was a fantastic introduction and I love all those songs and bands to this day – especially The Runaways, who had a big influence on chicks in metal in the ‘80s. They were very cool and had this really raw teenage sexy vibe that was obviously appealing to someone of my age at the time.

So what I want to know is… how did I not hear about the movie they’re making? I read about it today on Reverb (which I mostly read for Duff McKagen’s posts). I checked out the official web site, the IMDB entry, the trailer (embedded below), the soundtrack and GODDAMN it looks good. I’m a little surprised at the casting – I don’t know much about Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett) apart from the fact that she’s in Twilight, but I’ve never watched or read any of that tripe so I don’t know what kind of role she plays in that. And Dakota Fanning (playing Cherie Currie) has had, up until now, a very squeaky clean child image, so I’m sure that she’s trying to do something about that with this role.

Hoping this one gets a cinema release in Australia!


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