Mercedes Lander is one smart cookie

Mercedes Lander

I’ve always liked Kittie, but they are a band that some people love to hate. I just watched a four part video interview with drummer Mercedes Lander and she really seems to be someone with her head very firmly screwed on.

She’s one of the few musicians I’ve ever heard say that they really love the touring lifestyle (as in, all of it, not just the playing live part). In the third part of the video she talks about not being a feminist which is a point of view I’ve only stopped feeling guilty about having myself in the last couple of years (i.e. not being a feminist does not mean I’m betraying my gender). And the fact that she started playing in Kittie when she was only 12 years old and yet still enjoys what she does makes her all the more remarkable.

Ok yeah, I have a little girl crush. Check out the interview:
KITTIE Drummer Interviewed In Iowa

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