On blogging

I’ve had this little blog for over four years now. It really started as a fun alternative to my two main blogs, Zombiecoder (a now-defunct web standards/best practises web development blog) and kay lives here, my (still on-going) ColdFusion/programming/technical blog.

What I discovered is that while kay lives here is necessary as a single point of reference for what is essentially my professional career, I have far more fun writing over here and on my metal festival blog, hell bent for metal. I don’t take it at all seriously, and in fact I probably break almost every rule of good blog management by posting randomly, sporadically and inconsistently – all the things I tell my web site clients not to do. But goddamn, it’s just fun – and sorry to anyone reading this (I understand one or two people do), but I’m writing this mostly for me. I’d still do it even if no one else read it.

So aaaaanyway, the fabulous Steff of Steff Metal has just published an ebook called the Grymm and Epic Guide to Blogging. Her blog is a real riot and she does all the right things including posting consistently and almost every day. Whenever she starts recommending jewellery sites and etsy stores my PayPal account starts groaning. And she went to Wacken last year, so she’s a true metal sistah, or something like that.

The ebook is cheap as chips at US $15 and as everyone knows, PayPal is not real money anyway so I picked it up because I thought it might be fun to read. Being a web developer and former SEO specialist, I’m not expecting to learn anything too radical but Steff’s writing is always so bloody enthusiastic I figure some of it might rub off on me. She promises it won’t have ‘any corporate salesy stuff or “I know best” talk’ and the few pages I’ve flicked through so far certainly support that.

So if you’re a blogger or thinking about becoming one (no doubt it’s the fame, fortune and rabid fandom that’s attracting you, right?) then go pick up Steff’s book. It’s cute, funny and useful. What more could you want?

~ by goatlady on April 21, 2010.

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