Behemoth, Poland and Catholicism


Although I wasn’t brought up religious, I did go through two and a half years at a Catholic high school so I have a pretty healthy disrespect for the church. Dave, being Polish, was subjected to church and religious education pretty much the whole way through his younger years. Needless to say neither of us are fans of the church. We did make some enquiries about formal excommunication a little while ago but it’s not a simple process, especially when no one will get respond to your queries.

Behemoth is one of our favourite bands – I’d say it would be pretty close to Dave’s number one favourite, in fact (although he may disagree). Being such a fan and a countryman, he was pretty stoked to have the opportunity to interview frontman Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski for our favourite zine Metal As Fuck. Dave then followed up the interview with a news item on the legal troubles Darski is facing in his home country after ripping a bible up on stage. Dave got Metal As Fuck a pretty good scoop, after his cousin tipped him off to what was being reported in the Polish media.

I was pretty stoked to read an article today on the issue on Blabbermouth that referenced Dave’s Metal As Fuck news item. The article was about a really interesting interview conducted with Krzysztof Kowalik, a Polish theology professor called upon to testify in Darski’s trial. The introduction to that interview referenced Dave’s Metal As Fuck interview too – double infamy!

I thought that Kowalik’s comments were very intelligent, well-measured and rational, and modern Poland really needs more people that share his tolerance. Essentially he says he doesn’t agree with Nergal’s actions, but he also doesn’t agree with the actions of those trying to persecute him. Particularly insightful was his closing statement:

After being submitted to years of dictatorship and occupation, Poland is now slowly adapting itself to a free democratic society. Although the laws may seem old-fashioned to some, democracy does not come with a manual. There is also no institutional or human authority that never makes mistakes or never takes wrong decisions. In order for Poland’s democratisation to progress, this authority must accept freedom of thought and criticism, even in situations where the criticism is inappropriate and illegitimate.

While I don’t like organised religion and personally have no issue with a bible being destroyed to make a point, I can’t think of a better way to look at it than Kowalik’s. Let’s hope such calmer heads prevail to keep Darski out of prison!

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4 Responses to “Behemoth, Poland and Catholicism”

  1. Cool that an outlook like that works so well when applied to this situation.

    Double Cool that an outlook like that works so well when applied to almost ALL situations.

    Sadpandaface that it’s such a unique and not-used-enough outlook.

    Dave rocks, it’s time the World knew it. You rock too, but the World already knows, I told ’em.

  2. Obviously the ‘best metal journalist’ in the world from Poland is Dave? Amirite?!

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