Danzig touring again!


A few years ago, Glenn Danzig said in an interview that he was too old to be touring – that he was ok with flying in for one off shows, but spending weeks in the back of a bus was no longer attractive. I can’t for the life of me find a reference online, but I swear I read it. Subsequently I moved heaven and earth to get to Sydney to see the Evil Elvis live in 2006, in what I assumed would be my one and only chance.

A few years on, it seems memories of the horror of the touring lifestyle has faded cos he’s back on the road – with performances at the Sweden Rock Festival and Finland’s Sauna Open Air, then nine dates in the US, all in June, to support upcoming album Deth Red Sabaoth.

According to Blabbermouth’s “exclusive” report, the band plans to tour “extensively” in support of the new album.

Do I like the sound of “extensively”? Hells yes.  Please, please, please include Australia!

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