Kick arse comics: The Landscaper

The Landscaper

I had the good fortune to work for a couple of years with a really talented artist, Chris Messina. He combats a banal day job by applying his immense creativity to amazing side-projects in theatre, music and art. One such project is The Landscaper, a dark comic series about an average guy-turned-vigilante and the complicated world he finds himself thrown into. 

He’s been going with it for a while now, but I find it hard to read them a page at a time so this morning I revisited the series from the beginning. It’s just so visually rich and gorgeous, I would LOVE to read it on real paper – hopefully one day I’ll get the chance.

Check out The Landscaper

~ by goat_admin on May 17, 2010.

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  1. Thanks so much for the post! It was so great to hear you liked the Landscaper comic. Yeah, we’re into our 3rd issue at the moment – and it’s been a blast watching this thing develop from a 13 page origin story to what it’s become. I really would love to do printed books in the future – and I’ll definitely let you know if I do. For the moment though, I’m really digging the online aspect of the series – so I guess we’ll see where that goes. I really hope you continue reading, even if it’s just waiting till the issue is finished to catch up. Thanks again for the great post, and support – I really appreciate it. c-

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