RIP Slipknot’s Paul Gray, 1972-2010

Paul Gray

This year has been just awful so far for the metal world, losing so many of its heroes in the past months. Peter Steele, Ronnie James Dio, and now Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, dead of unknown causes at the age of 38.

This latest news brought out a lot of haters – for example on Metal As Fuck’s Facebook page. Personally, I’m an immense fan of Slipknot’s early work and while their latest couple of albums don’t really grab me, it cannot be denied that they had a massive influence on the metal scene in the 2000s, and as such some respect is definitely warranted.

The press conference held by the band members below is really heart-breaking to watch – you can see that this was truly a horrible and unexpected shock. The autopsy performed was inconclusive, so of course all sorts of rumours about an overdose are circulating – but that’s really neither here nor there. The band haven’t said whether they will be continuing without Paul, but my guess is that they won’t. (That’s one of those predictions that will probably come back to haunt me.)

Like the bands or hate them, you have to feel bad for the fans of these musicians, not to mention their families and fellow band members – Paul had a wife and unborn child.

Let’s hope the disturbing trend stops now – I don’t want to hear about any more premature deaths for a while.

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