New Skunk Anansie

Skunk Anansie: still pissed off?

I guess it’s not really metal, but I’ve always loved Skunk Anansie – something about their songs just sticks with me. I’ve always thought they are at their best when the songs are angry.

It’s been almost a decade since they broke up – damn, I must be getting old – so news of a new album following their reunion shows last year is big news. Apparently it will be called Wonderlustre and will be released in September.

For a sneak peak at the new stuff, the compilation album released late last year – Smashes and Trashes – has three new songs. I heard the song embedded below for the first time today. Does it have potential? I think it may. It’s an odd video – am I the only one who thinks the CG looks like a trippy educational video on conception? – but it’s pretty heavy and it definitely has hooks.

I’m hoping the new album will have some angry songs. It’s hard for bands to keep that kind of attitude up, especially after so many years, as everyone mellows out and matures – but that’s what I want to hear: rage coming through my speakers that makes my spine tingle and my hair stand on end.

Can they deliver? We’ll see.


~ by goat_admin on July 6, 2010.

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