and sin runs down her back


It seems like a million years ago, but in reality was probably about September last year that I decided my next tattoo would be the Danzig demon skull on the back of my neck. If Twitter wasn’t so damn transient I could tell you the exact date, because I announced it in an alcohol-soaked 140-character conversation. But that’s not really the important part of the story.

It took a while to get around to it, schedules being what they are, but now it’s done. The mighty Ox from On The Edge Tattooing (doesn’t he have a great web site?) did the work and the picture above shows the end result, 10 days later and almost completely healed. I’m stoked.

At some point, Al said “if you get a logo of anything tattooed on you, I’m going to punch you in it”. A debate then ensued as to whether the image in question is actually a logo or not, an argument which was not resolved conclusively (I say no, he says yes). He did, however, gracefully allow that he could wait until the tattoo was healed before administering the punching. I’m bracing myself for it any day now, but I feel it’s an ok compromise.

The title of this post is a line from She Rides, off the first self-titled Danzig album (the album bearing the demon-goat-horned-skull silhouette on the cover).  You can listen to the song below. I could have embedded the official video clip but it features some cheesy ‘80s arse and I don’t really want that all over my blog, you know? But it’s a great song and it sounded kind of appropriate.


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