‘No Sleep Til’ Festival: an odd lineup, but did someone say ‘Rust In Peace’?


While we were still out on holidays Dave heard the news that Megadeth were playing Australia in December… which, while excellent news, was a little puzzling since they’ve played here already on their last album Endgame. Then we heard it was with punk band NOFX which seemed even more odd. Eventually we got the full story: it’s a festival called No Sleep Til, it’s touring major capitals in AU and NZ including Perth, and Megadeth are performing their classic album Rust In Peace in it’s entirety. My squeals from Germany could probably be heard all the way back in Australia.

We’re back now and I have bought tickets, noting it’s the day after we see Axl Rose and his session musicians at Kwinana Motorplex (or not see them, as seems to often be the case with Gn’R shows). But I can’t help thinking it’s a really weird lineup. I’m not really into most punk music so NOFX and most of the rest of the bands playing don’t really interest me. The obnoxious Aussie in me does kinda like Frenzal Rhomb… Suicide Silence are a little too “core” for my liking… so really, it looks like Katatonia and 3 Inches of Blood are the only other decent metal bands on the bill.

As Dave pointed out, hopefully the bands we like will be just before Megadeth so we don’t have to hang around all day!

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