Sick Drummer Camp sounds sick

A little known fact: in a past life (that is, a long time ago, not an *actual* past life, because I don’t believe in that shit) I was a classical percussionist/drummer. Due to various injuries and general pigheadedness, I changed direction and didn’t drum for over 10 years, although I was always interested in what was going on in the drumming world.

A couple of years ago, Dave surprised me with a drum kit for Christmas – an awesome present for this little goatlady. I played around a little, but due to the stresses of running our business I never really had the time to devote to practicing seriously. Before we moved to Poland, I sadly sold my kit to a young bloke, for his daughter. I did feel slightly better that it was going to a chick.

Anyway, that little bit of background is to help you understand my fascination with drums and drummers, and why I think this upcoming event is pretty fucking cool. Sick Drummer Magazine (an online magazine that I subscribe to, because yes I am still fascinated) is running a 5 day “camp” in Northern California in September. As well as workshops, masterclasses and jam sessions with extreme metal legends like George Kollias and Derek Roddy, they have a bunch of recreational activities as well like go karting, a casino night, and wine tasting. It’s on a 5 acre retreat and the idea is that participants will get to hang out with the instructors over the five days as well as learn from them/gape at their talent. It’s like a drum groupie thing.

I think it sounds awesome. If I was a real drummer and not just a sad wannabe I would definitely want to go. Who knows, maybe now I’m semi-retired I’ll find some time to start playing again. I think I’d need an electronic kit this time, seeing as we live in an inner-city apartment now.

More information: Sick Drummer Camp 2011

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  1. That looks like drummer heaven! I hope they do it again next year, I’d like to surprise my husband with a pass … πŸ™‚

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