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Note: this post was written in a hotel in Hamburg, ahead of Wacken Open Air. I don’t know why, but I seem to be able to hammer out posts when I’m away from home. Don’t question it, just run with it…

It’s well established that when it comes to Fear Factory I’m a major nerd. Just love ‘em. I’ve interviewed Dino no less than three times for Metal As Fuck, including once on video with Burton. Dave and I are in the video for Cyberwaste which was filmed in Fremantle, Western Australia, near where we lived at the time. I’ve seen them live at least four or five times – I keep losing count.

Of course, City of Fire’s music is about as far from Fear Factory material as you can get. But I only heard of them because of Burton’s involvement, and as it turns out they’re pretty awesome too. We listened to their debut self-titled disc a lot in 2010 – given that it was a lot “lighter” than some of the stuff we listen to, it was a good candidate for “office music” where non-metalheads were present. I saw them live in Perth when they supported Soulfly – an odd pairing, and although I do have a soft spot for Max Cavalera I’ve seen Soulfly like a million times and it was only a few days after getting back from Europe so I probably wouldn’t have gone had it not been for City of Fire’s inclusion in the lineup.

So, it was with some interest that I read that the band wanted to record a second album, and were using PledgeMusic to finance it. Essentially fans pre-purchase the album, merch packages etc and the money for these purchases is only taken if the band reaches their funding goal. It’s a novel idea and the principle is good, so I ponied up for the album, a tshirt and a handwritten lyric sheet.

I was going to post about it sooner to encourage more people to throw some cash in, but before I got the opportunity I was notified that the goal had been reached. I just checked out the site and it’s actually at 113%, with 44 people chipping in, and presumably more still coming on board to pick up some of the rather unique packages (including dinner with the band, the opportunity to come to a rehearsal or have City of Fire play your house party).

This is the new music industry – bands finding ways to connect with fans directly and fund the cost of recording in different ways. To all those people who say that the internet is killing music – you’re looking at it wrong. The internet has changed the way people think and how they spend their money. The old music industry model doesn’t work anymore. Stop bitching and find a new way.

Rant over. Now I just have to wait until 2012 to hear the new City of Fire material that I helped finance. Can’t wait!

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  1. Thanks for this “rant”……I know the band needs more than 100% so don’t let that stop you, or anyone else to donate. I am trying to get the house party going!:)

  2. Kim, I love your comments about the new music industry vs. the old industry. It’s so true! If you don’t change with the times, then you will fade away with those years your minds are stuck in. These guys are brilliant for doing this, and I really do hope that with the help from the fans they will be able to record the album the way they want to.

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