New Krisiun track: yep, it’s definitely Krisiun

A band that doesn’t get anywhere near as much kudos as they should: Krisiun. 2008’s Southern Storm was as bone-crunchingly painful a death metal assault as you could ask for, and a new track with video from their forthcoming album The Great Execution has just been released (hat tip to Metal Underground).

You never know what a band is going to do when they release a new album but I’m pleased to report that this track is most definitely the Krisiun we know and love. It might sound a little cleaner, to my ears – the drums in particular seem a bit more clinical than we’ve heard on previous releases – but if the album is comprised of music in this vein, no one should have anything to be upset about.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Krisiun live, at Hellfest in France. They played one of the tent stages in the middle of the afternoon. A while before they played, we spotted frontman Alex Camargo wandering around the metal market, buying pins for his jacket – just like an ordinary punter, which was cool to see. Their set was pretty tight and the only real thing I can say negatively about them was that they thanked the crowd a real lot. After every song. Multiple times. I get that they’re happy to be there, and maybe it’s the South American way, but jeeze guys, chill out!

The Great Execution is being released on Halloween.


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2 Responses to “New Krisiun track: yep, it’s definitely Krisiun”

  1. Argh KRISIUN live = fanfuckingtastic. Brilliant set, nice guys. Though I did notice that they had a rather persistent approach to young tarts haha

  2. Ah yes … a post on a great Death Metal band is the only kind of thing where necroing a thread is sort of ok.

    I concur with Biodagar. I love Krisiun dearly and finally had a chance to see them live last Saturday here in Berlin and they were absolutely fanfuckingtastic.

    I refer to them, in a most loving way, as the Hanson of Death Metal but let there be no mistake: Krisiun is metal nobility of a kind that the angry-shouty-angsty mob can’t even dream of ever achieving.

    And also, they’re lovely, lovely dudes with their hearts completely in the right place.

    Cheers, C.

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