The Black Crowes to take “indefinite hiatus”

The Black Crowes

Just read the news on Blabbermouth that after their tour in August, The Black Crowes are taking an indefinite break.

I’ve loved The Black Crowes ever since I heard Remedy in 1992. Being 14 and broke at the time and seeing as this was well before the age of internet downloads, I didn’t actually get my hands on the album until a few years later, when I found a second hand copy in the now-closed CD Library in Wellington St, Perth. I was there to buy something else and totally spun out that I’d found a copy of The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion because I hadn’t seen it anywhere for years. The CD Library dude was enthusiastic about the album too, and after raving with me about it for ages while Dave wandered around bored, looking at other stuff, he ended up not charging me for it because the CD surface was quite scratched. It plays fine though. Thanks CD Library dude.

I got to see them when they were in Perth last, but because I didn’t end up writing a review, my memories are a little hazy. Google informs me that was March 2008. The show was at Challenge Stadium and we were in the front area, but they’d put rows of plastic chairs in there for some unfathomable reason. At the beginning people tried to stand up and move forward but security tried to keep everyone back – that didn’t last long though. I do remember being quite annoyed at a large drunk man close to us who was quite obnoxious but generally, it was very groovy and chilled, and everyone just rocked out kinda sedately and it was a really awesome show. They played some songs from Warpaint, their current album at the time – I remember Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution particularly – and all the old stuff that everyone was dying to hear.

Hmm, seems I remember more about it than I thought. Google has provided me with a setlist on too.

There’s a new album out – Before the Frost…Until the Freeze – which I don’t have yet but will definitely pick up. This band has been around in one form or another since 1984 so I guess they’re entitled to call it a day.

So for now, I’d like to say “thanks for the beautiful music” to Chris and Rich Robinson, and all the other people that have helped these two make The Black Crowes great over the years. Cheers!

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