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I love action movies from the ‘80s and ‘90s, and my favourite action hero is definitely Dolph Lundgren. Not only is he hot, a weightlifter and a 3rd dan in karate, he’s got a master’s degree in chemical engineering and speaks five languages so is obviously no slouch in the brains department.

Some of my favourite Dolph movies:

As Ivan Drago in Rocky IV:


In The Punisher, playing the title role:


What’s more, sci-fi writer William Gibson claims that Lundgren can do comedy. In this blog post from 2003 (you need to scroll to around two thirds down the page), he talks about Johnny Mnemonic, a film based (loosely!) on one of his short stories:

Ever notice how little sense Dolph Lundgren’s Street Preacher character makes? Just this big lunatic who periodically rages onstage and tosses people around?

I’ll tell you something you may not believe: Dolph Lungren can actually do *comedy*. I mean, like, who knew? But he can, and did, with great gusto. The nature of his character was anchored in a scene in his church (he’s the local Panawave-equivalent) in which he preaches, buck nekkid and skin-studded with creepy nano-gizmos, to a congragation of adoring female NAS victims. He delivers a bombastic, faux-Sterlingesque, literally balls-out *sermon* on the virtues of posthumanity. It came off sort of like Fabio as the Jesus you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. It *rocked*. Hilarious. So Sony cut it.


Even though Mr Lundgren is now past 50, he’s in much better shape than some of his contemporaries. And as if he didn’t have enough talents, it turns out there’s more: he can sing, dance (well, a little bit) and play drums:



So there’s a little YouTube tribute to an absolute legend.

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