What’s wrong with the freaking world today?

tonsillitis sucks

I have laryngitis and tonsillitis, which means my throat is swollen up to twice its normal size and I can’t talk. Which is no doubt why the world chose today to throw all these outrage-inspiring stories at me. I’ve been engaging in furiously angry typing all day.

First the mouth-breathing religious freaks. The Westboro Baptists – the “god hates fags” idiots, more a collection of extremist political bigots than a church, or in the words of my mate Heisty, “a tight-knit family of wilfully delusional, hateful, abusive lunatics” – are planning to picket the public memorial service being held for Ronnie James Dio. Mrs J summed it up quite nicely on Facebook:

Personally, I welcome the dumb fucks to try it. A handful of delusional god botherers in the midst of a bunch of metal heads trying to farewell an idol? Yeah, good luck!

This kind of thing makes me so mad that I’m having trouble putting it into words. Meanwhile the tributes to Dio continue to roll in. Metal As Fuck has put together a number of tributes that the MAF community posted on Twitter and Facebook, as well as some that were emailed in, and they truly go to show what a universally loved individual he was.

Then, it’s been revealed that Australia has fallen even further into a nanny state by adding an “are you carrying porn” question to customs arrivals cards. If you say “yes” they can then search your laptop, camera, and drives to confiscate anything considered “illegal” and issue fines or worse.

What disturbs me most about this is that it’s already been shown that the guidelines for what the Australian Classification Board thinks is “ok” and “not ok” seems a bit fickle. For example, there was a big outcry a couple of months ago when women with small breasts were deemed “out”, and the government’s stance on female ejaculation is that it’s urine and therefore under a blanket ban, no matter what medical research has to say on the matter.

More to the point, I don’t intend to hand my laptop over for rifling through by customs officials. TrueCrypt to the rescue!

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  1. What is really scary here, is that to ‘regular’ people, these sort of rants may seem like the outcry of the tinfoil hat brigade.

    If you take away a large chunk of peoples rights in one hit, there is outrage. Take them away slowly, quietly and one at a time, and no one will notice.

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