Joey Belladonna is the man on the silver mountain

Ronnie James Dio’s memorial service was held on Sunday in Los Angeles, with 1200 fans in attendance along with performances by Geoff Tate, Glenn Hughes, Oni Logan and others. Members of the WBC were there to picket, as they had previously threatened, but from all accounts their presence was small and they were outnumbered by counter-protesters.

Blabbermouth has posted a heap of photos and videos from the event.

Previously I have talked trash, mostly on Twitter, about Joey Belladonna. Mostly because I think John Bush is a better Anthrax frontman. However, the video below of Joey Belladonna doing an acoustic version of my favourite Dio song, Man on the Silver Mountain, has made me swap my position. Sorry for saying bad stuff, Joey. Your version of that song was beautiful, it made me tear up.


If you’re also feeling teary after that, here’s something to make you smile: WBC counter-protesters. Love it:

Photo credit: David Regone

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  1. I really appreciate it, thank you for the kind words. Ronnie was a very good friend and he will be missed, big time.

  2. […] Belladonna for any Anthrax-related ranting I’d done in the past, after hearing his rendition of Man on the Silver Mountain at Dio’s memorial service. And the man himself left a comment which actually seems […]

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