earthtone9: the return of beard metal


Although they have an annoying lower case initial letter, I was a big fan of earthtone9 back in the late ‘90s (I seem to be writing that kind of sentence a lot lately – am I really getting old?). And they’re getting back together, and although it’s not to record new material at the moment, they’re not ruling it out. So yay. Bizarrely, two of the members moved to Australia for a while.

To describe what the band sounded like is difficult, because it’s kind of a mix of what would later become nu-metal and then metalcore, and that just sounds like the worst possible thing ever. But it actually works and don’t forget this band broke up long before everyone and their dog was signing nu-metal and hardcore metal bands to their crappy labels.

earthtone9 then:


earthtone9 now:


The beards, the beards!

I for one would be very interested to hear what an earthtone9 album circa 2010 would sound like. So feel free to go for it, guys.

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